Survey Research Services

survey research services

Survey Research Consultants

We conduct surveys in a variety of sectors, and with a wide range of audiences. We also analyze data from surveys you have conducted. We can help you with survey design, implementation, data analysis and visualization. We use a variety of online survey platforms and have expertise in analyzing and visualizing qualitative data from open ended survey questions. We provide remote survey research services to organizations internationally. If we can be of help please get in touch!

Survey Services

We will provide you with the insight upon which to base decisions.


survey research services

Survey Analysis

Quantitative Analysis

We use SPSS and Excel for the statistical analysis and visualization of survey data – frequencies, cross-tabulations, descriptive and inferential

Qualitative Analysis

We use Excel and NVivo for thematic and content analysis, and coding and analyzing qualitative data (responses and comments) from open-ended or free text survey questions.

Qualitative Analysis

We are skilled in analyzing free text responses to open-ended survey questions.

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