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Research Support Services

research support services

We specialize in providing remote research support services to research consultancies and organizations across Canada and Europe. Our flexible approach allows us to tailor our services to meet your specific requirements and budget constraints, whether you need assistance with ad hoc projects or ongoing research endeavors.

As an extra pair of hands, we offer support when you’re busy, require additional research personnel, or need specialized expertise. Our core competency lies in qualitative research, and we excel in qualitative data analysis, including thematic analysis, content analysis, and grounded theory.

Our services encompass:

  1. Quantitative data analysis: Our expert statistical analysis and visualization services will transform your survey data into actionable insights.

    Qualitative Data Analysis: We have extensive experience in analyzing qualitative data from various sources, including interviews, focus groups, and documents. Using tools like NVivo and Excel, we conduct rigorous coding and analysis to extract meaningful insights.

  2. Open-Ended Survey Questions: We specialize in coding and analyzing qualitative data from open-ended survey questions, providing valuable insights into respondent perspectives and experiences.

  3. Data Collection: Whether you need assistance with designing surveys, conducting interviews, or gathering data from other sources, we can support you throughout the data collection process.

  4. Report Writing: From drafting research reports to summarizing findings and recommendations, we can help you communicate your research outcomes effectively.

By leveraging our expertise and resources, we aim to enhance the quality and efficiency of your research projects, enabling you to achieve your objectives with confidence. Partner with us for reliable and comprehensive research support tailored to your needs.

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