Research Support Services

Research Support Services

research support - data analysis
research support with qualitative analysis

We provide remote research support services to research consultancies and other organizations across Canada and Europe. We are very flexible in our approach, and will tailor the work to meet your requirements and budget. We help clients with ad hoc projects and ongoing work.

We are an extra pair of hands to take on tasks when you are busy, need additional research personnel, or when you are in need of specific expertise. Our expertise is qualitative research. We are skilled in qualitative data analysis including thematic analysis, content analysis, and grounded theory. Our work for clients has included analyzing qualitative data from interviews, focus groups, and documents. We are experienced in coding and analyzing qualitative data from open-ended survey questions. We use NVivo and Excel for coding and data analysis. We can also help with data collection and report writing.

Research Support Services

We provide a range of research services to support your research projects.

Qualitative Research Services

✅ In-depth and semi-structured interviews

✅ Focus groups by telephone, Zoom, or Skype

✅ Observation – structured and unstructured

✅ Qualitative data analysis

Data Analysis Services

✅ Qualitative data analysis and interpretation – thematic analysis, grounded theory / constant comparison method, and content analysis

✅ Coding and analysis of free-text responses to open ended survey questions

✅ Qualitative analysis using NVivo – coding, developing themes, running coding comparison queries, and data visualization (word maps, hierarchy charts, concept maps), etc.

✅ Data cleaning – after cleaning your data to prepare for analysis, we can provide you with a comprehensive data cleaning report.

✅ Quantitative data analysis, using SPSS and Excel

✅ Data visualization – we use Excel, PPT and Word to produce charts, graphs, and infographics

✅ Data analysis report – according to your needs, we can provide you with a coding frame, frequencies and percentages, example quotes, data visualization, summary report or full report.

Survey Research Services

✅ Web and email, mail, face-to-face and telephone surveys

✅ Questionnaire design, sampling, and recruitment

✅ Survey administration, management, and response monitoring

✅ Data management, cleaning and coding

✅ Survey data analysis – frequencies and cross-tabulations, descriptive and inferential statistics

Desk Research

✅ Secondary analysis of existing data – e.g. from surveys, monitoring systems, documents

✅ Document analysis, thematic analysis with NVivo

✅ Writing literature reviews and research reports

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