Public Engagement

public engagement

Public, Employee and Student Engagement

With our expertise in survey design, qualitative research and data analysis, we are ideally placed to support your public, stakeholder, student and employee engagement activities. Whether you want us to manage the process from design through to completion, or need help with analyzing and visualizing your data, we are here to help.

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Data Analysis

Quantitative Analysis

Qualitative Analysis

We use SPSS and Excel for the statistical analysis of quantitative data – frequencies, cross-tabulations, descriptive and inferential statistics.

We use NVivo and Excel for thematic and content analysis, and for coding and analyzing free-text responses to open-ended survey questions.

Qualitative Analysis

We are skilled in analyzing free text responses to open-ended survey questions.

Data Visualization

visualising data

We are skilled in producing professional-looking charts and tables to present quantitative data. But we do more than this – we can visualize your qualitative data, such as text from free-text responses to open-ended survey questions. We use a range of charts, diagrams and figures to describe or explain concepts.

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