Evaluation Services

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Evaluation Consultants

As independent evaluation consultants, we have completed evaluations for non-profit organizations and government agencies, spanning a range of sectors including healthcare, social services, criminal justice and education. Our evaluations have included large, complex evaluations spanning several years and small-scale evaluations with a tight turnaround. We have experience of evaluating programs, projects, services, campaigns, and other interventions and initiatives.

Evaluation Services

We draw upon a wide range of methods to collect, analyze and interpret data, to provide you with the insight upon which to base decisions, determine effectiveness, and improve practice.

Outcome Evaluation

An outcome evaluation is concerned with the effect the initiative (or program) has on participants. It can help answer questions such as: What impact is the program having on those taking part? What works? For whom? How? Are the program objectives being met? Did the program have any unintended effects on participants?

Process Evaluation

A process / implementation evaluation will help you know whether the program has been implemented as intended. It will ask questions such as: How is the program being implemented? Does it operate as planned and expected? Who is participating in the program? Who is not? What are the barriers and facilitators to implementation?

Developmental Evaluation

In developmental evaluation the evaluator works in partnership with your program management team and provides real-time feedback from ongoing collection and analysis of data allowing you to make changes as the program evolves. DE is used to support innovation development such as new projects or programs or organizational change.

Formative Evaluation

Formative evaluation is normally carried out when a new program is being developed or when an existing one is being modified in some way. A formative evaluation seeks to determine if the program or project is feasible, appropriate and acceptable before it is fully implemented or rolled out. Needs assessments and process evaluations are formative.

Summative Evaluation

A summative evaluation seeks to determine the effects, or results, of an initiative. A summative evaluation is carried out towards the end of the process, or when an initiative is well established. Outcome and impact evaluations are summative.

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