Data Analysis Services

qualitative data analysis consultants

Data Analysis Consultants

We are social researchers, with expertise in qualitative and quantitative data analysis. We can analyze data you have collected – e.g. from surveys, focus groups, training events or workshops. We can also help with the analysis of data stored in databases, online data, or from documentary sources. If you would like a quote, or have any questions, please contact us.

Quantitative Data Analysis Services


We are experienced in analyzing quantitative data collected from surveys and experimental and quasi-experimental research designs.

Qualitative Data Analysis Services

We can analyze data collected from a variety of sources, including surveys, interviews, focus groups, workshops and training events, evaluation and feedback forms, the internet and social media, and documents.

We have expertise in a range of analytical approaches to data analysis.

For qualitative analysis we use NVivo, Excel and Word, according to the requirements of an individual project.

Free Text Analysis

We are skilled in analyzing free text responses to open-ended survey questions.

Free Text Analysis for Surveys

We are skilled in analyzing free text comments made in response to open-ended survey questions. We code qualitative survey data manually using NVivo or Excel.

Our data analysis services are tailored to your requirements. We can provide you with an Excel document describing the topics, categories and sub-categories identified in the data (a coding frame). We typically also calculate frequencies and percentages to show how frequently topics and sentiments are mentioned by survey respondents. We can also provide example quotes for key topics, or for all categories, a summary report presenting the data visually, or a full written report.


We are experienced in NVivo, a qualitative data analysis computer software package. We can use NVivo for:

NVivo for analyzing qualitative data

Data Visualization

We are proficient in Excel for producing charts and tables to present quantitative data. We are also skilled at visualizing qualitative data. We use a range of charts, diagrams and figures to describe or explain concepts.

data visualization

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