Analyzing free-text responses

free text analysis

This article covers why we include open-ended questions in surveys, and how we analyze data collected from free-text responses to open ended survey questions.

What is a Social Researcher?

data analysts

Through rigorous inquiry, data analysis, and interpretation, social researchers generate insights that contribute to positive social change.

How Much Does Research Cost?

how much does research cost

In this blog post, we’ll explore the factors that influence research costs. The cost of research can vary significantly depending on factors such as the scope of the project, and data collection methods.

Focus Groups in Qualitative Research

focus group

In qualitative research, focus groups are a dynamic and powerful method for gathering rich, nuanced insights into human behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions.

Interviewing in Social Research

qualitative research consultants

In this blog post, we explore the best practices and strategies for conducting effective interviews in qualitative social research.

Sampling in Qualitative Research

sampling in qualitative research

By adopting purposeful and thoughtful sampling strategies, qualitative researchers can select participants or cases that offer rich, meaningful insights.

Visualization in Survey Data Analysis

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Through visualization, researchers can uncover patterns, trends, and relationships within survey data, transforming raw numbers into actionable insights.

Working with Research Consultants

qualitative research consultants

In this short guide, we’ll explore key steps and considerations for clients working with research consultants, to achieve successful outcomes.

Statistical Analysis of Survey Data

statistical analysis

Statistical analysis helps researchers identify key trends, assess relationships between variables, and draw conclusions that drive decision-making.

Coding Qualitative Data Using NVivo

research support with qualitative analysis

NVivo offers a suite of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of qualitative researchers, such as advanced coding and visualization capabilities,

Analyzing Data from Surveys

surevy analysis

This article outlines how we go about analyzing survey data, equipping you with essential techniques and considerations for extracting valuable insights.

Mixed Methods Research

our research

Relying solely on one approach may limit the scope and depth of understanding. This is where mixed methods research comes into play,

Designing Effective Surveys

Drawing on insights from an experienced survey researcher, this post provides practical tips and guidance for improving your survey instruments.

Understanding Qualitative Research

data analyst

In this post we consider the essence of qualitative research, and explore its principles, methodologies, and the unique insights it offers.

The Role of a Freelance Data Analyst

Let’s explore the role of a freelance data analyst, their importance in various industries, and how organisations can leverage their expertise to drive growth.

Quantitative Research Methods

In this post, we explore the basics of quantitative research methods, including techniques, principles, and applications.

Qualitative Research Techniques

In this blog post, we delve into the world of qualitative research techniques, exploring methods, strengths, and applications.