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Welcome to Qualitas Research, a boutique research company based in Vancouver, BC, and operating internationally. We provide research and data analysis services to a diverse clientele, from government departments and educational institutions to non-profits and community organizations. Beyond overseeing research projects from inception to completion, we offer comprehensive research support services to organizations, with particular expertise in data analysis. Specialists in social research, we possess extensive expertise in surveys, qualitative research, and data analysis techniques. With a commitment to excellence, our primary focus is on maximizing social impact, driven by a deep-rooted passion for utilizing research as a catalyst for positive change.

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Publication in The Journal of Public Mental Health

A survey of community pharmacists’ attitudes towards mental illness
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Researching the Move to Independent Living

Publication in The British Journal of Pharmacy

Assessing the impact of a laboratory practical for pharmacy students

The Mental Health Literacy and Attitudes of Community Pharmacists

Publication in The Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice

The mental health literacy of community pharmacists
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participation in research

Publication in Social Work and Social Sciences Review

Who calls the tune? Participation and partnership in research

Pharmacy educational research publication

Publication in Sci. Pharm

Educational research to evaluate a workshop for pharmacy students

Publication in Housing, Care and Support Journal

Evaluating a move to independent living

Publication in Mental Health and Social Inclusion

Include me in: user involvement in research and evaluation

Research with Older Homeless People


Data Visualization with Infogram
NVivo for analyzing qualitative data

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